Black Disabled Men Talk Episode 6: Black Ableism

In this episode of Black Disabled Men Talk (4/2020)  Leroy Moore,  Keith Jones, Ottis Smith, and Lateef McLeod
Four Black Disabled Activists/Artists discuss what is Black Ableism, what is the difference of being disabled versus politically disabled but we start out with our thoughts of Chuck D firing Flavor  Flav from Public Enemy.  Video is captioned by Cheryl Green

Brief Disclaimer: In the video version of this episode, Lateef McLeod, is wearing a Dynavox Mayer Johnson shirt. This is by happenstance as he was a contractor with the company a decade ago. Black Disabled Men Talk has no business relationship with Dynavox or any other company. Please be advised.

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Opening theme song: “Story Neva Been Told” By Keith Jones and Leroy Moore

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