Black Disabled Men Talk Episode 2 (Krip-Hop Nation’s 2020 Presidential Candidates Talk By Black Disabled Activist (Captions))

Ottis Smith, Keith Jones and Leroy Moore discuss on not only candidates of the 2020 US President but the political system, Obama, DT as Black disabled people and so much more. It’s time for the Black disabled political and artistic voice, views and more! Ottis Smith brought up the strange concept of, Revolutionary Progress. He said the following: “Progressive revolutionary is a oxymoron because one undermines the other. You can progress within a slave system and have a better position on the plantation but you still in a slave system on the plantation none the less. Revolution means the complete Destruction of the plantation and the slave system and replaced by a completely different system to be determined by the v.i.a Revolutionary or revolutionaries. Taking in your own hands the right to self govern.” We decided to do a video monthly on different topics! Stay Tune! Thanks Cheryl Green for captioning this video!

Opening theme song: “Story Neva Been Told” By Keith Jones and Leroy Moore.

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Black Disabled Men Talking Politics

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